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A team of makers, thinkers, and doers...

We're always searching for new talent. But when we say talent, we mean talent. If you're keen in being a part of the Vandeu team, please put some effort into your application and please take after these guidelines.

If you don't mind help us by taking the time to read the points below and involve them at the top of your application email.

  • What are you applying for? (You'd be shocked how many people forget this!)
  • Do you have an online portfolio? If you have one, please attach a link.
  • Why are we an ultimate match? Kindly issue us a short clarification.
  • Only a couple of individuals can be the best designers/producers on the planet. What makes you think you are or can turn into one of them?
  • Are you applying for an internship? If so then please mention about the time period of your internship, start date, end date and other practical things.
  • Write a short bio.

  • All set? We anticipate to hear from you. Mail at


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